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Android Push Notification using FCM for Titanium

In this blog, I am going to integrate the push notification in my Titanium app using the FCM module provide  by the Hans ( hansemannn) . I have used another module for FCM but that was not working on devices running Oreo and i was looking for other modules and i came across this module and it was working fine on Oreo devices and it also provides me option to customise  the notifications also.
Integrating FCM Assuming that you are familiar with Firebase cloud messaging, I am going to create a new project in the Firebase console. you can go to the Firebase console by using this URL.

 you have to click on Add project to create a new Firebase project then it will open a pop up box where you can enter the details of your new app.

I have entered app name  as NotificationDemo1 and you can also add Firebase to your  existing app by selecting it from the dropdown menu and you have two select the two checkboxes and clicl on create project.

We are  doing it for Android so we have to click on And…

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